The leading-edge Transfer Agent for investment platforms

A scalable, cost-effective, and fully integrable solution.

Transfer agent, A scalable, cost-effective, and fully integrable solution
seamless integration

Brassica has set out to build all-in-one investment infrastructure for the new era of alternative assets.

Seamlessly integrate your existing applications with our SEC-registered Transfer Agent. Our innovative solution creates a unified experience that serves issuers and investors in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

Why is Brassica's transfer agent unique?

  • Unlike other transfer agents, Brassica’s is designed specifically for private securities, which require more specialized infrastructure than publicly traded securities. Brassica has built its transfer agent with Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D, and other regulatory exemptions related to private securities in mind.

  • Brassica’s API-forward solution is designed to be integrated into investment platforms, which makes it easier for them to offer issuers and investors access to transfer agent functionality utilizing their own user experience/interface.

  • Brassica’s transfer agent technology is built to scale for hundreds of thousands of securities, and millions of investors.

  • With Brassica’s automated paying agent services, issuers can easily pay out distributions, such as dividends and interest, to their investors.

Transfer Agents
Record InvestorsYESiconYESicon
Record HoldingsYESiconYESicon
Create SecuritiesYESiconYESicon
Cost effective for private securities, especially widely held issuesNOiconYESicon
ATS Integration ReadyNOiconYESicon
API BasedNOiconYESicon
Front-End UX FlexibilityNOiconYESicon
Paying Agent services for programmatic distributionsCOMING SOONNOiconYESicon
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